Design and material accounting

Thank you for choosing our service with your trust! For non-trade customers, we will provide you with comprehensive services after you have confirmed the project. According to your requirements, We will offer professional advice for your reference in terms of the function and visual design of the site. After you make up your mind, we will provide you with professional material ratio and accurate dosage data based on historical data of material consumption for more than 1000 sites.


In order to serve you faster, please kindly collect and provide information below

  • Geographic location

    Geographic location of the construction site

  • Climatic characteristics

    Climatic characteristics, historical extreme temperatures, approximate construction time

  • Site Conditions

    Fundamental condition with photos, if rendering drwaings are required by you, please offer as many photos and videos as possible.

  • Size drawing

    Size of the site and architectural plane drawings.

  • Documents Requirements

    Documents of specific requirements by your end customer, the winning documents.

  • Sources

    Sources of funds and acceptance criteria

  • Transport of goods

    Transportation route and traffic condition.

Information and services you will be offered

  • Construction

    Construction effect drawing.

  • Product application plan

    Product application plan, section analysis diagram and physical characteristics description of the product you selected.

  • Design Scheme

    Design physical and technical parameters and offer proposals for construction and maintenance.

  • SHTSports cooperation

    Photos and videos of the projects by SHTSports.

  • Material selection

    Two or three material schemes of your construction project for your choice.

  • Select the raw material

    Sample material of the project you have finally confirmed and the model formed by the material you selected.

  • Sample Delivery

    We will deliver the sample to you as soon as possible.

  • Product Certification

    Provide product certification and test reports as regards your requirements.

Material accounting

We will work out a corresponding bill of materials according to the alternative design you choose, the construction site area, thickness and end customer needs, then make a cost list based on the bill of materials.

Leave it to you to decide and confirm the order.

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Construction labor cooperation

Over 1,000 projects adopted the material produced by SHTSports. One third of the over 1,000 projects (more than 300) were constructed by the construction teams from our company. We are already expert in construction management and implementation. If you or your end customers require construction labor service from us as regards the target project with our material supply,we can send some constructors (5-15 people) to the construction site of certain countries or regions to ensure the normal implementation of the project.

On-site technical guidance

In the past 8 years, materials produced by us have been perfectly used in various projects in China, and we have a complete construction technical support system (we provide technical support for 90% of the projects). If you or your end customers require technical support from us, we can send some technical engineers to the construction site of certain countries or regions to provide on-site technical guidance.

We are not able to guarantee the certainty of cooperation due to uncontrollable factors (Wars, natural disasters, political factors, language barriers, laws and regulations, social security, third-party reasons, etc. which will affect the cooperation).

After-sales service and quality assurance

We provide comprehensive technical services and after-sales service to ensure the perfect implementation of the project.

Labor export: we can send some constructors (5-15 people) to the project site of certain countries or regions.

On-site guidance: we will send construction technical engineers to most countries or regions, assisting in construction and providing technical support.

Factory training: you can also send technicians to our factory to stufy construction techniques, and we will send experienced technical staff to guide. (recommended)

Online video training: If construction technology communication is not available for you, we will also record the construction essentials into video and play the instructions online.

Email consultation: If technical and quality problems, please contact us by email,

Please note: Before you proceed with the formal construction, please conduct small-scale site construction test according to the matching instructions provided by us in order to achieve desired effect. If you do not conduct the construction test before normal instruction, we will not be responsiblle for the adverse consequences or any losses. Please check if test meets the requirements for you or your end customers. If not, please apply for technical support. Test again until the required effect is as expected. Please record the relevant data in detail and strictly comply with the operation process to avoid unnecessary losses.

For all product quality issues in accordance with the operational procedures and parameter construction, we are committed to compensate for all direct losses and materials replacement.


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