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Silicon PU

1.Comfort: the moderate elasticity of silicon PU keeps you comfortable whether you are running, dribbling or not.
 2. Shock absorption:  when the silicon PU is subjected to an instantaneous impact, 63% of the impact force will be absorbed by the ground system, which better protects the athlete's ankle.
 3. super wear-resistant: with a unique double-layer structure, the surface layer is made of high-strength silicone resin particles, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary products with a service life of 8 years or above. 
 4. Strong adhesive ability: silicon polyurethane material can penetrate the pores of different foundations and generate high-strength adhesion, better bonding to the foundation.
 5. Technical stability: the resilience, shock absorption and friction coefficient of both big balls or small balls go through the entire site system to ensure its technical stability.
 6. Easy construction: can be directly constructed on asphalt base or cement base, all materials are packaged in proportion, and the operation is simple and convenient according to the instructions.
 7. Easy to maintenance: stains will not penetrate into the surface layer with anti-fouling additives,  just clean with water to keep it fresh.
 8. All weather use, corrosion-resistant, anti-UV, anti-aging;
 9.Good Self-leveling property, smooth mirror surface,seamless, dust-proof, easy to clean.
 10.  Perfect appearance, various color matches is available.
Introduction of Silicon PU Court
Silicon PU elastic layer is a ground material for sports facilities with good cushioning and ductility, strong adhesion, certain healing function to the foundation, automatic leveling, simple construction, excellent aging resistance,and stable chemical properties after construction.
Silicone PU is a new generation of sports surfaces material, efficiently solve problems which PU cannot fulfill. Silicone PU has a longer lifetime with easy maintenance. 

1. Tennis Court 2. Basketball Court 3. Badminton Court
4. Volleyball Court 5. Stadium 6. Playing Ground
7. Footpath Decoration 8. School 9. Sports Ground


Series material for SI-PU Cement Foundation

1. Single component Si-PU primer for cement foundation
Density 0.9-1.1g/cm3
Viscosity 100cps, 25 ℃
Packing Size 15kg/drum
Color Yellow transparent
Shelf life/Storage 6months at 10-30 ℃ avoid direct sunlight
Application temperature 10-35℃ (mid 3℃ ,above dew point)
Permissible relative humidity Min 40%~Max 90%
Can be walked on 1-2 hours
Material consumption 0.2-0.3kg/m2


2. Si-PU Elastic/Strengthen Layer Material

Si-PU elastic layer / strengthen layer material: one-component, environmental protection, self-leveling,  tool scratching or  mechanical spraying available.

1.100% Environmentally Friendly, odorless 2.100% color retention without fading 3.Low viscosity and easy leveling
4.Less pores, non-foaming 5.Excellent shock and impact absorption 6.Passed international standard certifications


Density 1.56/cm3, 25 ℃
Viscosity 12000~15000cps, 25 ℃
Packing Size 25-30kg/drum
Color Light Green
Shelf life/Storage 3months at 10-30 ℃ avoid direct sunlight
Application temperature 10-35℃ (mid 3℃ ,above dew point)
Permissible relative humidity Min 30%~Max 90%
Can be walked on The next day after installation
Material consumption 1.25kg/m2/mm


Direct use after stirring, curing with 0.1%-1% water (higher temperature, less water), the thickness of each coating should not exceed 2mm, and the interval between each coating is the same as the previous drying time. Pay attention to the leveling effect when coating the reinforced layer of the silicone PU stadium.
Elastic layer for outdoor basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court and other synthetic court.
Please pay attention to local weather conditions during construction. Any problem, please consult our technicians.

3. Si-PU Colorful Surface Layer Material
Si-PU surface layer material: double-component,  environmental protection, water-based material, bright color available for various matching, painting by tools or small gun.
Solids content 50-53%
Viscosity 10000-15000cps, 25 ℃
Packing Size Color pate (A):18kg, Curing agent (B)2kg
Color As required
Shelf life/Storage 6months at 10-25 ℃ avoid direct sunlight
Application temperature 5-35℃ (mid 3℃ ,above dew point)
Permissible relative humidity 2 minutes
Can be walked on in 2 Hours
Material consumption 0.3kg/m2



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