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    How to tell the quality of EPDM granules?

    EPDM granules manufacturers have emerged with the popularity of synthetic runways, and different EPDM rubber prices are available on the market. EPDM rubber granules with poor quality are easy to fade and age, which will directly affect the quality of the synthetic track. How do we distinguish the q...

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    How to choose EPDM granules for kindergarten?

    Almost every community has at least one kindergarten, kindergarten facilities are getting better and better, and many floors are made of EPDM rubber granules to prevent children from slipping and hurting. It's important to choose the right EPDM grades for kindergarten? Considerations can be made ...

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    Artificial turf benefits ground simply because remedy for playoff rainouts

    Through the years, many your playoff set has been destroyed due to rainouts. So coaches and groups flock towards fields together with turf once the forecast forecasts a rainfall, which certainly isn’t type to yard....

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    Is Artificial Turf suitable for Roof?

    Roof greening is an effective way of greening in modern society with high buildings, and has been strongly advocated and promoted as an important part of urban greening work. Roof greening can effectively reduce the roof temperature, protect the building layer to extend its service life, absorb dust...



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