Does TPE pellets have the potential to be widely used in plastic runways?

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Does TPE pellets have the potential to be widely used in plastic runways?
2019-05-08 06:05:15
The "Poison Runway" incident has become a hot topic in the entire plastics industry. The hype of the media has boosted the use of recycled rubber, which has a huge amount of plastic track, to the cusp. This debate will continue in the short term, whether it is due to the regenerative rubber itself or the adhesive toxicity of the bonded recycled rubber particles. It is foreseeable that after this incident, the application of recycled rubber in plastic track will be greatly affected.
Because the plastic track is mainly used in schools and stadiums. As far as the Chinese market is concerned, there are a large number of such sports facilities in the country and the application of raw materials is extremely high. At present, the main raw material types of plastic track are mainly polyurethane type, recycled rubber type, and ternary propylene rubber type. Recycled rubber is the most used in plastic track because of its lower cost. TPE particles have not been widely used in this field.
TPE particles
Some industry insiders said that due to the inherent characteristics of TPE particles, large-scale application to plastic track in the future will have great potential, and the demand for TPE particles will increase. So, is there any possibility that TPE particles will be widely used in plastic runways in the future?
First, TPE particles are an environmentally friendly non-toxic product with high elasticity of rubber. In terms of environmental indicators, they are superior to other raw materials.
Second, from the perspective of cost, the current price of low-end TPE particles ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 yuan/ton, and the price is much lower than that of the EPDM sub-brand products also applied on plastic track. In the low-cost plastic track, there is the possibility of replacing recycled rubber.
Third, due to the high temperature plasticity of the thermoplastic elastomer and the high temperature and high elasticity of the thermoplastic elastomer, the TPE particles generally adopt an injection molding process, which can reduce the application amount of the solvent type glue having a high toxic content.
Fourth, from the technical difficulty, the domestic TPE pellet industry developed earlier, the production process is relatively mature, and the current product application field radiates to all corners of social life. In Shenzhen, Dongguan, Suzhou, Yangzhou and other places, a large number of well-known TPE pellet manufacturers at home and abroad have been concentrated, and the technology precipitation is relatively strong. It provides technical support for outdoor TPE particles to enhance UV resistance and aging resistance. In the future plastic track, whether TPE particles enter in large quantities, high environmental protection, non-toxic sporting goods can be popularized to all aspects of life, we will wait and see.


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