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    Sports venue surfacing with EPDM granules

    A Sports venue surface is the surface where equipment likes slides, monkeybards, teeter tots, swings are placed on. The material used in a Sports venue surface is very important for kids health. Soft earth is good for kids but its not always available. Asphalt is also used as Sports venue surfaces, ...

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    8 Common Mistakes during artificial grass installation diy

    Artificial grass installation is actually easy…as lengthy as you possess detailed directions, all the correct tools, plus some real encounter working with unnatural turf. As a artificial grass planter, we are able to give you the set up guide, as well as recommend a few tools, consider you can’t obt...

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    Synthetic Turf Installation Process

    Artificial grass joining tape: It is required to use a glue applicator to apply a thick and even surface on the surface. Do not apply glue repeatedly, otherwise blistering may occur or even fall. The base fabric is coated with a glue applicator to strictly control the thickness of the glue. Note tha...

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    EPDM Granules affects the service life of the sports ground, how to choose EPDM granules?

    What is epdm material specs ? Synthetic rubber is the main material for making EPDM granules. It can produce a variety of colors, and it can resist strong ultraviolet rays, and it can also resist corrosion. If some special scenes require some patterns, you will find how useful the color of the EPDM ...



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