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    Sports venue surfacing with EPDM granules

    A Sports venue surface is the surface where equipment likes slides, monkeybards, teeter tots, swings are placed on. The material used in a Sports venue surface is very important for kids health. Soft earth is good for kids but its not always available. Asphalt is also used as Sports venue surfaces, ...

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    How to Install a Synthetic Track?

    The all weather synthetic racing and training track phenomenon is experiencing rapid growth and a heightened awareness. The range of materials used and the installation processes can vary considerably and we have seen some interesting challenges in recent times. There is a technical process that can...

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    8 Common Mistakes during artificial grass installation diy

    Artificial grass installation is actually easy…as lengthy as you possess detailed directions, all the correct tools, plus some real encounter working with unnatural turf. As a artificial grass planter, we are able to give you the set up guide, as well as recommend a few tools, consider you can’t obt...

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    How to tell the quality of EPDM granules?

    EPDM granules manufacturers have emerged with the popularity of synthetic runways, and different EPDM rubber prices are available on the market. EPDM rubber granules with poor quality are easy to fade and age, which will directly affect the quality of the synthetic track. How do we distinguish the q...



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